Another Day, Another Community Served

How to have a more positive outlook on working


The daily race to work

   When most think of work, they think of it as a laborious burden that will hopefully guarantee a good grade or paycheck. Recently, the saying “another day, another dollar,” has taken on a greater meaning in the sense that most people today no longer find satisfaction in their daily work lives compared to people in the past. Three decades ago, a Conference Board Survey stated that 61.1% of American workers claimed to have liked their jobs. In 2013, there were only fewer than half. Clearly there has been a downward spiral in job satisfaction, and there are a multitude of reasons that could explain why.


   These days, there is much emphasis on being successful in the workforce, making a great deal of money, and looking professional. While work is supposed to be a significant part of our lives, it has now been taking over our lives. It is as if we have become slaves to our jobs and education, working for no purpose except that it may secure our future. Some have to sacrifice hobbies because there is no time for their self-being while others feel that they have to unhealthily compete against peers to excel. Through all the sleepless nights and the stress, one may question what the true purpose of work is, and what it is meant to be.

   Work is ultimately supposed to bring happiness. If one is working they find joy in knowing that they have a purpose, that they are a part of an ongoing system. Unfortunately, work is widely promoted as a daily race for money and success rather than an opportunity to serve others gracefully and meaningfully. Teens are afraid of truly following their dream jobs in a world where mostly lawyers and doctors have superior profit. It’s not about living anymore, it’s about being safe. In this economy, maybe it’s inevitable that we feel this way. The goal is how we keep ourselves protected. We tend to think of work as miserable when we think about providing for ourselves, but if we decided to shift our perspective to how we can provide for others, we can come out of ourselves and see work as more than something we do for money or a good academic profile. We can see it as a chance to provide for a community, and we will truly feel that we belong. If we continue with this outlook, work will challenge us but not consume us.

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