Cherishing the Christmas Moments

Delving into the reasons to be absolutely grateful for those we have and the break dedicated to letting our minds float free


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Dazed by Decorations: The dazzling decorations add to the delighted buzz of the Christmas season.

It’s our last day before Christmas break. All we can think about is the amount of pot lucks held, secret Santa gifts given, and ugly sweaters worn. As we get ready to take on the day, we can’t help but feel the excitement rush through us, the excitement that sticks with us all day because this is the day we get to say sweet goodbye to all pesky worries.

Once the commotion is ceased, we now get a chance to do the things we love, instead of constantly worrying about the responsibilities forced upon us. Thoughts settle, minds unwind, and most importantly hearts are mended as the family is brought together again.

This is the day we finally get to wind down from the crazy school schedules, minus the over break homework and harsh transition into our psychotic study mode for upcoming finals, and let our minds wander into the sugary thoughts of Christmas cookies, floating into candy cane central.

This is the day we get to say goodbye to our friends and teachers as we enter the chaos of gifts and wrapping paper. The day we finally transition into finally focusing on family, the efforts in which you’ve intended throughout the year, but fell short due to other distractions or responsibilities.

It’s a rare occurrence that you don’t always get the joy of having. It’s the joy of being together, whoever your family is composed of, or whether your family is broken or dysfunctional; you’ve somehow managed to get everyone in the same room together without killing each other over disagreement. It’s the joy of Christmas.

Cherish these moments. These are the kinds of things you should remember throughout your lifetime. So all I ask is one thing: Put aside differences and most importantly, let love take over. For crying out loud, it’s Christmas. It only comes once a year.

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