Who Did It?

Great mystery literature that came from 2015

Who Did It?

   The year is coming to an end but that does not mean imagination is. Literature is where one can get lost and put themselves into an adventure within a dramatic plot of an alternate reality. Some literature is similar to one another though, expressing the most popular story line people like to visit.

  Everyone has their own opinion on what they like to read most, but as we get older, people are introduced to different themes and ideas within new novels. The most enjoyed and recurring theme of books published in 2015 is murder mystery where as the undergo theme is outspoken love and how family matters.

  Book 1 “Curtain Call” – Anthony Quinn published on January 2nd, 2015

  This novel takes place in the summer of 1936 in London, England. A woman named Nina is a west end actress who was in the middle of a scandal with a married man when she witnesses an attempted murder. This “Tie-Pin Killer” has got to be stopped and it’s up to Nina to save other women’s lives.

  This love and death filled tale will take readers through a journey of finding one’s true bravery while justice into one’s own hands.

  Book 2 The Girl Who Wasn’t There” by Ferdinand Von Schirach published on January 8th 2015

  Sebastian Von Eschburg is an artist who has been accused of murdering a young woman who hires a lawyer Knorad Biegler to help represent him.

  This literary piece challenges what trust really is in a typical cover-up the murder tale.

  Book 3 “The Infidel Stain” by MJ Carter published sometime in 2015

  Sequel to “The Strangler Vine”, well-known characters Jeremiah Blake and William Avery leave India for an investigation in England.

  Can these two solve the murder once again?

  Book 4 “American Blood” by Ben Sanders, published sometime in the spring of 2015

  A story of a former undercover cop who now lives out his days in the witness protection program set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is dragged into the search for a missing woman. Marshall Grade is on the run to solve this mystery while also being on the run from Dallas Man, a man hired by the mob to execute Grade.

  Seeking to atone his sins, Marshall Grade must find himself before he can find anyone else. Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

  Book 5 “Home by Nightfall” by Charles Finch, published sometime in late 2015

  It’s 1876, London, England. A famous pianist has dropped off the face of the earth. It’s Sussex. Small robberies are all within the town. The only men who can save the day are Lenox and his brother.

  Can they solve both mysteries and save the day or will someone see the nightfall for the last time?

  These mysteries have kept everyone on the edge of their seats all year. With scandalous forbidden love, hard decisions, scary situations, and a bloody mess on everyone’s hands, readers have surely enjoyed all of these novels. The year 2015 was very successful in literature and hopefully 2016 will be similar.

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