Buzzfeed’s Mental Health Week

BuzzFeed spreads a positive message with their mental health week


BuzzFeed helps support those with mental illnesses and spreads awareness.

Mental health disorders are everywhere. At least everyone knows someone who struggles daily with a persisting mental disorder, or struggles with one themselves. They can make people feel lost, isolated, alone, even hopeless. However, there is an ever arising force  as awareness spreads and support is being actively encouraged. People are beginning to feel more accepted, love, and willing to open up.

BuzzFeed has taken an admirable and inspirational approach to helping those with mental illnesses while also spreading awareness via social media. This will not only encourage people to accept themselves by seeing relatable, even humorous posts, it will also help further defeat an already diminishing stigma for good.

This week, BuzzFeed is publishing over 100 posts in over 5 different languages to broaden their positive influence. Mental health is of utmost importance and should be made a priority, not seen as a flaw. This is one of the ways people can embrace themselves and begin to undo some of the damage their mental illness has caused.

To visit their website and check out BuzzFeed’s mental health week posts, visit:


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