The True Christmas Spirit

The part about Christmas that should always be in our heads

Christmas spirit can make anyone smile

Christmas spirit can make anyone smile

   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well actually, it’s been looking like Christmas since the month of October. The sleigh bells were ringing before turkeys became worried about being someone’s dinner. A competition rises around the last couple of months of the year between the holidays, and Christmas wins everytime.

  Christmas lights, commercials and of course, Christmas music have been seen and heard long before the month of December. It seems that in this year, Halloween and Thanksgiving were almost forgotten.

  Part of society has slowly let go of the excitement of receiving candy and their thankful attitudes, but cannot wait to be in a jolly atmosphere during Christmas. From department stores having sales on Christmas decorations during the fall to a next door neighbor hanging up their Christmas wreath the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas is constantly in our heads. What about our hearts though?

  It is said, that Christmas is a time for joy and cheer to be spread all around, when all we can think about is what could possibly be the perfect time to put up christmas lights to show to our neighbors that we want to celebrate too, feeding into the holiday competition. However, Christmas is not all about a contest between neighbors, not about what we can think to do next. It is about what we feel inside.

  The true meaning of Christmas is to appreciate and be happy about what you have in your life and to express that delight to others. No matter how many gifts you buy for someone, a shared laugh will go much further.

  So yes, hanging up Christmas lights and putting up the ornaments you made when you were little on a tree before you even eat a Thanksgiving dinner is too much, but it is never too early to get into that true Christmas spirit.


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