New Year’s Resolutions Resolved

How to make Resolutions a reality


Fireworks help to celebrate the upcoming year

For many, New Year’s Resolutions catalyze a chance for redemption and change. Despite popular belief that resolutions accomplish nothing, there is a good possibility that these changes can become a reality. One thing to keep in mind is that New Year’s Resolutions are not an attempt for a whole character metamorphosis, but rather a set of positive lifestyle improvements that will hopefully make the following year a more uplifting experience. Most of the time these Resolutions are cast aside due to the stress and responsibilities of our everyday lives, not to mention the difficulty of changing certain behaviors that have become habitual to us.

   Instead of focusing on one singular goal, one should plan a set small goals that can be attained step by step throughout the year. There are many people who give up their Resolutions by the time February begins because they aim too high. By starting out small, there will be less pressure and frustration when accomplishing goals. Also, changing bad behaviors takes time, just as developing them does. Replacing unhealthy behaviors with good ones little by little will heighten the chances of success. The idea is not to strive for perfection. Mistakes are inevitable, so slip-ups should not prompt one to give up completely.

   Know that you are also not alone in the process. Sharing your experiences with others will give you a clear understanding of what you need to work on, and there’s no doubt many will be willing to support you. To fully achieve New Year’s Resolutions, you have to be aware of your limitations but also allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment when you know you have made some progress, no matter how little.

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