Mac Jordan and His Megaphone

An interview with the sole male on cheer

via Scarlet Edwards

  Senior Mac Jordan has been doing cheer since freshman year, and has been the only boy on the team during his time at El Modena. Jordan’s drive to perform on the sidelines and cheer for our school is inspiring, and here is some insight on his experiences.


Frontline: Why did you decide to try out for cheer?

Mac Jordan: I wanted to try out for cheer because when I was little I used to go to the football games at the school my mom worked at. I would see the cheerleaders there and I just wanted to do that someday in highschool and I got the opportunity to do that here at El Mo.

FL: How does it feel to be the only boy on cheer?

MJ: Good. Being the only boy, you get to meet a lot of new people, you get to be involved. That’s one thing I really wanted in high school and cheer was a great opportunity to do that.

FL: What is your favorite part about cheer?

MJ: Everything, cheer is my life.

FL: What is your favorite bow and how did you get it?

MJ: I don’t get a bow, I get a megaphone. I have bows at my house though, they’re pretty great to look at and have. It’s part of me that I’ve always wanted as a little kid. I don’t have long hair and I don’t really put them in my hair but they’re pretty.

FL: What’s the best part about the competition team?

MJ: The best part about competition is that we get to compete against other schools in our area. We have this cute routine and it looks good and I like it. My favorite part is tumbling because I like it even though I can’t tumble. I like the tumbling aspect, and performing in front of a big crowd.

FL: What are you working on in tumbling right now?

MJ: A standing back tuck. It’s basically jumping from the ground and tucking yourself. It’s a cheerleading move. For a back tuck you have to have a high height and tuck fast.

FL: If you could stunt, what position would you want to be in?

MJ: I would like to be the flyer but I don’t have any flexibility, so backspot it is.

FL: How do you feel about other boys trying out for the team in later years?

MJ: I feel like it’s good. You get to be involved and meet a lot of new people. It’s a very physical sport; boys don’t think it’s physical but it is. People think that we just cheer on the sidelines, but just look at a competition video. Being a boy on cheer is a lot of work. If any boys try out for El Mo cheer in the coming years, that would be great. It’s like football in the sense that you condition, but also you stunt. Cheer is a very intense sport.

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