The History of Ms. Conners

One of El Modena's wonderful U.S. History teachers


Ms. Conners poses happily with a student

Ms. Conners has been working at El Modena for eight years as a United States history teacher. Her teachings help guide juniors to understanding their own country and she motivates her students to have a brighter future no matter what career they want to pursue in life.


Frontline : “What made you decide to become a teacher?”

Ms. Conners: “I traveled a lot in college and my history teachers always opened my eyes as well as my coaches. I wanted to be like the coaches I admired.”

FL: “How did you become invested into history?”

MC: “When I would travel to experience of learning the history and the influence from my history teachers in high school and college were why I wanted to teach history.”

FL: “Besides history, what are some of your other passions?”

MC: “I’m really interested in all things about strength training and mobility work and making people feel better health wise. That’s passions. And also I’m a muscular therapist on the side and a strength coach. And my other passion is outrigger paddling, you know that. I was a volleyball player too.”

FL: “How did you become involved with muscular therapy?”

MC: “All of my years in sports. And then as I had kids, they were sports and I wanted to help them improved so I learned about strength training and then, now that I’m older, my peers are getting hurt so now I’m interested in what keeps people moving and trying to heel.”

FL: “What is your favorite time period in history to teach and why?”

MC: “I like teaching World War 2 era and I think the reason I like it is because so many kids have a familiarity with it and so they naturally come with a more curiosity and it makes it easier for me. The kids are already so much interested in it because they already have information on it.”

FL: “If you could change one thing about history, what would it be and why?”

MC: “Hardest question ever! I would just get rid of all mean people. Delete mean people.”

FL: “Besides U.S. History, what country’s history is most interesting to you and why?”

MC: “The country of South Africa. It’s always been an interest for me. It has interesting political history with a par-tide and their current situation now so I have always been curious about it.”

FL: “How do you motivate your students to do well in school?”

MC: “I beg them. I plead. I buy them candy. That’s the hardest part about my job. Finding things to keep kids motivated. ‘Cause not all kids care about History and I don’t blame them. Not all kids like it and I just have to get them to find another reason to complete the assignment. You can’t make everybody love History.”

FL: “How did you stay on top of things when you were in high school?”

MC: “I was probably motivated to go to college. But I wasn’t super motivated. I was slightly a slacker. But I knew how much I needed to do to get myself to the next step to the colleges I wanted to get into. So I can’t say I was an extremely motivated high school student but I knew how much I needed to get it done. Motivation for me came later. It came in college. And so my educational maturity didn’t really grab me until college.”

FL: “Lastly, if you had to describe yourself in one word what would that word be and why?”

MC: “Practical. Because I think I like to take away all of the stuff that makes life confusing and just to get to the simplicity of it. So I think I’m a little practical minded.”

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