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Ms. Mull shares about herself and her goals for her students


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Ms. Mull smiles brightly for Frontline

Ms. Mull has expanded the artistic development of El Modena in many significant ways. Her spirit, creativity, and intelligence provides students with an uplifting environment and Renaissance-like learning experience. Frontline has the privilege of interviewing this sagacious teacher in order to uncover her perspective on life and what she wants to bring to the table for her students.

Frontline: “What do you love about being a teacher?” 

Mull: “I love the students. I think El Modena students are the best. I love teaching about literature, and I love making connections with the students about life. I know this is a tough age, so I want to be a force of light in the darkness, giving some perspective to the students.”

FL: “What is a passion of yours that you have not shared with most people?” 

Mull: “I’m a writer, I write all the time. I am currently writing a novel about my mom in her life and how that life, as well as the miracles in her life, led to the miracles of life in general, and how we are all interconnected.”

FL: “How would you describe your childhood in one word? Explain why you chose this word specifically.” 

Mull: “I would say happy, because every experience was filled with family and joy.”

FL: “Is there a book you have re-read more than three times?” 

Mull: “Yes, it’s ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ by John Irving. It’s a story where the boy in the novel thinks he’s a hero. I think that’s the best we can do in life: being heroic for the people in our lives and for the world. I think we should all be heroic, and we should all aspire to that. If you see someone in pain, help them. If you see someone struggling, help them. We should save people regardless of how we feel about them, and always put good out there without stopping to think whether they deserve it. Save the world.”

FL: “What is the best part of having a large family?” 

Mull: “There is always something going on. The worst part is that there is always somebody who needs something. However, I always tell people that there is so much love in my house. There is so much love in it.”

FL: “What motivates you to get up each morning and come here?” 

Mull: “El Modena is my home. It is the same reason why I go to my home everyday, it is where I belong.”

FL: “How has your Greek background impacted you?” 

Mull: “It has made me fearless, passionate, and it has made me love people. It has made me want to minister to people and to have fun. In everything I do there always has to be an element of fun and an element of enthusiasm.”

FL: “What other artistic events are you planning for the school year?” 

Mull: “The next poetry night will include art as well as poetry. We are hosting a book review and presentation with Ms. Kim involving her novels. We are going to have more in-school discussions about the books we like and the things we like to read, basically having extended discussions on that. There are going to be new editions for the Literary Magazine during the progression of the school year as well.”

FL: “What work of literature truly speaks to you on a personal level?”

Mull: ” ‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin. It is a story of a woman who just wants to live her life. I think within me I have always had this story of all women, that I am not living my life for me but that I affect the universe with the decisions I make. In the story the woman has the audacity to live her life, and that always hasn’t been allowed to women. I marvel at the changes that have taken place during the last hundred years, and the sacrifices that women have made for us to be here today.”

FL: “How do you want to reach out to your students and what is your goal for them?” 

Mull: “I want them, regardless of where they are on their educational path, to reach for a higher level of organization, intelligence, and knowledge. I just want them to reach outside themselves a little bit to learn more and to better understand themselves in all forms.”


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