Hope During Tragedy

A father helps his son cope with crippling tragedy and inspires the world

IN THE NOW (youtube.com)

On November 13, 2015, Paris was brutally attacked by terrorists that took the lives of 129 people. Despite the devastation that this event has caused and the fear that it has spread throughout Paris, this father’s explanation of the violence to his son has gone viral on Facebook, giving hope to many.

In the interview performed by Le Petit Journal, the father does not shut down the fact that there are horrible people in the world. Rather, he tells his son that “they might have guns but we have flowers”, making a powerful yet simple statement: love and unity in a time of tragedy can conquer over the darkness of the world. He also makes his son feel more safe, saying that the flowers and the candles that everyone has put around to “remember the people who are gone” will protect them.

Not only did the father serve as an example to his son without sugarcoating the tragedy, he has inspired hope in the hearts of many that were impacted by this event. The video shows that although their is evil and violence, there is also recovery.

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