College Application To-Do List

Ten things to mark off your list before college applications are due


photo via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

  1. Take the ACT/SAT: Most colleges require one or both of these tests to be considered for admission. Take these tests well before the application is due and make sure to sign up before the next test fills up.
  2. Pick your schools: Choosing a University is one of the hardest decisions for most high school Seniors. Consider all of the options and pick the top ten schools.
  3. Visit the schools: Visiting the schools can be a helpful way to narrow down choices and truly make the best decision.
  4. Recommendations: Most colleges require letters of recommendation from either teachers, counselors, or both. Getting a teacher/counselor to write a recommendation can take some time so asking early is always helpful to ensure not missing a deadline.
  5. Personal Statements: Writing personal statements can be a long and drawn out process. These statements are supposed to talk about challenges or important moments in one’s life which help each University obtain a deeper insight into each applicant.
  6. Transcripts: Getting an accurate and up to date transcript makes filling out applications a lot easier. Colleges want to see all four years of a student’s grades and courses so putting in the wrong information could jeopardize an acceptance letter.
  7. Sign up for Parchment: Create a free account at to be able to start sending official transcripts to each school.
  8. Talk to a Counselor: Talking to a counselor is a good way to get fee waivers, de-stress, and find out all the information needed to completely fill out each application .
  9. Make a list of achievements: Think of five achievements, community service, or activities that display the positive attributes that could hopefully earn a spot as a new freshman.
  10. Talk to your parents: Talking to parents can help determine whether or not a school is affordable. Parents can also help during the application process since on each application there is an entire section dedicated to their education and financial status.  
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