Five Fall-Blooming Flowers

A list of fall flowers that will be perfect for any autumn celebration


Fall flowers are perfect to add to the mood of the season

For those who still want to maintain a versatile yet colorful garden during the fall, these five beautiful flowers will be perfect to keep the autumnal atmosphere.

  1. The Aster is a daisy-like flower that comes in colors of blue, purple, pink, and white. Their showy flower heads juxtapose their thin and long petals, making them a beautiful decoration among the fallen leaves. They are also drought resistant, which helps them endure through the dry weather.
  2. Russian Sage is a subshrub that is a member of the mint family and is sure to add a splash of color to any garden during the midsummer and fall. The plant has upright stems adorned with tiny purple-blue flowers, and it is able to harmonize with almost every flower type.
  3. Goldenrod is a beautiful and tough plant that highlights the beauty of autumn with its bright yellow flowers. It can maintain its loveliness through the dry winds and heat of the season and can be ideal for wreath-making. An herbal tea can also be made from the plant that gives many health benefits.
  4. The Perennial Sunflower strays from normal sunflowers because it develops gorgeous blooms in the summer and fall. The “Lemon Queen” has feathery cream-colored petals with chocolate brown centers that are a great asset to autumn decor.
  5. Heleniums are plants from the daisy family that are painted with vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds. These plants are extremely easy to grow and possess great endurance. This low maintenance flower gives a special touch to any autumn-themed bouquet.


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