Foster Home for a Fuzzy Friend

Foster homes are not only for humans


People tie a “foster home” with a negative connotation in the essence of the matter. Yes, the idea of a temporary home is a shattered image of what people deem ideal or normal, but a foster home provides opportunity. Although–one can not speak on the lack of allure a foster home posses (unless they have truly experienced it themselves), there is evidence in those who have flourished to great heights, despite the situation they were in.


The generic concept of a foster home is a kid going from home to home, school to school, and leaving people for new strangers. But that’s in our world. In a more domestic form, animals have the chance to become advocates of a foster home as well. Dogs and cats become homeless just as easily, if not more than we do.

A foster home for pets allows these animals to have temporary santuray from crowded pounds, abusive homes, or on the unpredictable streets. These associations offer people who are in the military deploying, those who are unemployed, who are in the hospital, or have suffered from a disaster the opportunity to foster their pets with the insurance of a good home for a temporary time.

Pounds can not save every animal out there, and about 2.7 million cats and dogs together are euthanized in America each year. Not everyone can have an animal for an extensive amount of time, but these programs grant an animal safety and love until someone is ready to commit to a lifetime of dedication to them. These programs are suitable for anyone willing and able to help these animals.

If foster care for animals interests you, there are tons of organizations such as PAWS, Furry Friends Rescue, Foha, Much Love and so on. Local pounds also have more imformation for those ready to open their homes to an animal in need. These animals deserve the love and affection of anyone enthusiastic and qualified enough to take them in. Think about it the next time you consider getting a pet, because foster care not only gives these animals a temporary home, but also enables them to potentially be adopted as well!

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