A Star On and Off the Stage

Behind the scenes of El Modena's junior, Brooklyn Peters.


The beautiful and talented Brooklyn Peters poses for a shot

Frontline -“Last year, you went above and beyond, taking in an exchange student into your home. What are you doing now outside of school within activities and at home?”

Brooklyn Peters– “I mean family is kind of different now that Marta is gone, I really miss her. So I don’t get to go places with her. I don’t have to drive her around with my mom anymore. So we have a little more free time there. It’s not worth it though, I miss Marta. Um… with my family, we go to various church activities. I wake up between 4 and 4:30 and I’m at church by 5:45 and then I’m at school by 6:50 and then I don’t leave often times until 6:30 at night and on Mondays I go to this theatre, an academy called the Music Room and I’m in the play Oklahoma. On Monday nights I’m there until around 9. Get home around 9:30. And band takes up all my free time which is fine because I love band. Choir takes up all my free time too but its fine because I love choir. So mostly my life right now consists of band, choir, theatre, church. I go out with friends in my small amounts of free time and I don’t know I sleep…rarely.”

FL– “What is your community theatre production about?”

BP– “It takes place, I think we decided it was the late 1800’s. It’s right before Oklahoma becomes a state. It’s still a territory and it’s basically a very intricate love story between this daring, handsome young man named Curly and this cute, sweet beautiful young woman named Laurie and all the characters around them. There’s this creepy farm hand who works for Laurie and her aunt Eller. His name is Jud. He likes Laurie and he’s such a creep. And then there’s this other girl and she’s a total…She’s boy crazy. And she will get engaged and I play her mother and I don’t like Will so I have a shotgun aimed at him the whole time. It’s pretty fun. A lot of dancing.”

FL– “what is it like playing a character who was originally meant for a boy?”

BP: “Okay…um…I get that a lot. There’s just not enough guys in theatre.  Umm.. I’ve played a lot of guy parts cause I’m tall and I can be scary. I can be big. I can be strong. I can pick people up. So I think often times that’s why I get picked for a “guy part” but the fact that it can transition so smoothly into a female character, they had to change like two lines, but that’s about it. It’s a lot cooler being this tough prairie woman with a shot gun vs. a man with a shot gun because that’s so stereotypical.”

FL- “How do you manage band, choir, theater, school, and family at the same time?”

BP: “I honestly don’t know.  I don’t know. I just wake up and the first things I say is ‘I hate this’ and then I get up and I make myself breakfast and pack myself lunch, most of the time. I’m out the door and run to church. Then I go straight to school and I get as much as school work and homework done in class as possible, because I don’t have time after school. And I try to…last year I wasn’t very good about this. I would go to bed around 2 in the morning which is not good for my health so I have kind of set a rule where I try to get done by 9. That doesn’t usually happen but it’s a lot better to be aiming for 9 and going to bed at 10 or 11 then you know, up till 2.”

FL- You sing. How did you think of your melody for your coffee night performance? What was your inspiration?”

BP: “Well, I just like taking different songs and putting them together. Either singing them acapella or on this app called Groge Band where I just take songs and mix them together and Disney music is relatively similar just cause it’s the stereotypical Disney music so you can easily cut it and mash it and put it together. So it wasn’t difficult but I don’t know, I just took some of my favorite songs and I sang them.”

FL– “Your parents were recently out of town. How did you continue all of your activities with them gone?”

BP: “Well there was this really sweet young married couple who stayed with us to help make sure. So they had to make sure I got to where I needed to be on time and they were only here for like a Tuesday to a Saturday so they didn’t have to deal with my whole Monday situation. But I wasn’t home for a lot of it. it’s not like my parents are forcing me to do it cause they really want a child who sings. I just do it cause I love it. I wouldn’t do it if my parents were out of town.”

FL– “El Mo has it’s own drama department. What made you decide to do community theatre instead of El Mo’s?”

BP:  “I was in the drama department last year and I was in like the basic class which is understandable cause it was my first year ever without having any lessons or that sort of thing. My parents wanted me to take Spanish this year so  the compromise was that I drop drama and I can do it outside of school.”

FL– “Now you’re also in band. Why did you choose the tuba?”

BP: “Okay, so when I was in 5th grade, it was the very last year that MacPherson has elementary music. They cut it after 5th grade and 6th grade was a really..not musical year. So I ended up transferring to Santiago. In 5th grade, the band director had brought out every instrument they offered and he played every single one and really well. he brought out the flute and I was like ‘It’s pretty but it’s so small and then he played trumpet and I was like ‘It’s so loud’ and then he played the saxophone and I was like ‘I just don’t like the sound of it’. And he pulls out this beautiful golden baritone which is slightly smaller than a tuba. He played the Harry Potter theme,” sings the song “and I freaked out cause I was obsessed with Harry Potter at the time and I was like that one. That’s the one I want to play. I fell in love.”

FL– “You’re a junior this year. Are you going to do all of this next year as you get ready for college?”

BP: “Uh. Yes. Without a doubt. I will be in choir, I wouldn’t leave that if you gave me money. I will be in band, they need me cause I’m the only tuba player. I adore every person and with theatre, when I’m on stage. I could have a huge essay do the next morning, I could be super stressed, I could have had the most horrible day at school but the minute I’m on stage, all of that melts away. I’m in my happy place.”

FL– “Do you have any advice for those who are in similar situations as you?”

BP: “Well, Time management. Time management is so hard to learn but once you do, it’s worth everything because my freshman and sophomore year I wasn’t very good at it. This year is better. If your phone distracts you, turn it off or put it across the room on silent. Cause if you’re like me and you’re really lazy and you would have get up and walk to get your phone, you’re not going to. If your parents don’t support you, you can still do anything. Believe in yourself. But it is really helpful to have either parents of friends who can help you, support you, who can help you study for that test. Because it helps to have friends who can not only help you with your daily happiness but in your future life.”


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