Molly Adams and Her History with Elmo

Molly Adams carries out the 4th generation of her family name.


Junior Molly Adams, thrives at El Modena High School as a legacy to her family name. Much has been expected of the Adams family, as the generations graduate as exceeding influences. Here is how Molly continues her family’s name.

Frontline: How many generations of Adams have attended Elmo? Who are they and in what years?

Adams: Three in total. My dad in 1980, my mom in 1983, and my sister last year 2015.

F: What are some of your family’s accomplishments at Elmo?

A: My dad was Football captain, my mom was a cheerleader and a part of ASB, she currently is involved in PTA and a board member for the Measure-K act. My sister was in soccer and ASB all four years of her highschool experience.

F: Where are they now?

A: My dad graduated from USC and is now the manager of Loma Vista Memorial Park in our family business, my mom graduated from UCI and is now a defensive lawyer, and my sister is currently a freshman attending Oregon State University.

F: What have you done at Elmo and what are you currently involved in?

A: I was a cheerleader for two years, JV then Varsity, I always support my Vanguards in Routy Routers, I participate in community work and Vanguard Pride days, as well as being an active member to help my class.

F: Where do you want to be once you graduate from Elmo?

A: I hope to attend the University of British Columbia, I’m still deciding my major.

F: How has Elmo helped you to get to the place you are now?

A: Many of my teachers have been involved in my academic career and pushed me to succeed, Mr. Finn has always supported me as well.

F: How has Elmo molded you into the person you are now?

A: Ever since I was little I have been involved in Elmo and the community waiting to the point that I got here myself, it’s always been in my life and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

F: How does Elmo differ from other schools?

A: Elmo is strong in our character and pride, and the people here seem so much more open and friendly than any other highschool environment I’ve heard of.

F: Will your kids continue on your legacy here at Elmo?

A: That’s the plan!

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