Lily Solorio

An interview with one of El Mo's talented theater seniors

Lily Solorio smiles for the camera.

Christina Davenport

Lily Solorio smiles for the camera.

Frontline: So why did you choose theater as one of your main electives while attending El Mo?

Lily Solorio: Mainly because my mom introduced me to it. I’ve been doing it since I was little. It is a force of habit…but a fun force of habit for sure.

FL: When did you begin performing? What was your first play?

My first play was Annie. I was only a toddler, covered in soot. It was so much fun.

FL: What is the name of the upcoming El Mo play?

LS: The play is called “Twelve Angry Jurors and is based off of ” Twelve Angry Men”.

FL: Who do you play?

LS: “The characters don’t have names, only numbers. I play juror number 10, an educated older woman who thinks she knows what she’s talking about, but is actually a coward.

FL: What do you like best about theater at El Mo?

LS: Especially here it is quite an experience. There are so many people to meet and they are all so wacky. It is a group bonding experience for sure. Even though we focus on acting, I also like how we’ve been focusing more on set design and tech, as well as directing.

FL: What is your dream role?

LS: I would love to play anyone who has a big musical role in the play. I love singing.

FL: What are some of your favorite plays?

I love “Oklahoma” because of how wacky it is. I also love “Into the Woods”.

FL: Favorite actor or actress?

LS: Definitely Idina Menzel. Her voice blows me away.

Fl: Do you want to be an actress in the future, maybe have an occupation relating to it?

LS: I really want to be a drama teacher. I prefer directing and set design to acting if I’m completely honest.

FL: Any tips for those interested in theater?

LS: Honestly, just go for it! That’s the best advice I can give! You are not going to get involved if you don’t try.

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