The Beautiful Mind Of Alexandra Tucker



Alexandra shows off her beautiful smile

Alexandra Tucker  (12), is an excelled and talented student that goes above and beyond to show what she is capable of. Tucker also has admirable and inspirational goals that she aspires to, all the while possessing a good heart.

Frontline managed to get an interview with her during her busy school day to cover her interests and passions.

Frontline: “What would you consider your passions to be?”

Tucker: “I would have to say Literature, music, and making a positive impact on the world.”

FL: “What is your schedule like?”

Tucker: “My schedule is very busy because I have AP classes, dance classes, and music classes. I also help out at my church and do community service.”

FL: “What is your favorite part about dancing?”

Tucker: “I love to express myself through movement and music.”

FL: “What is your goal in life?”

T: “My goal in life is to promote peace and understanding.”

FL: “Would you consider yourself a hard worker, and why?”

T: “Yes, because I’m always determined to do what needs to be done.”

FL: “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?”

T: “I would travel to Spain because I’ve taken Spanish in school for a long time and it would be cool to fully experience the language.”

FL: “Who are you being for Halloween?”

T: “I’m not sure yet but I usually just wear one of my dance costumes from recitals. I wanted to be Taylor Swift but I didn’t have the time to plan.”

FL: “If money was not a factor, where would you go to college and what would your future goals be?”

T: “I would probably go to UCLA and major in either International Relations or Sociology.”

FL: “What are the books that have inspired you?”

T: “I would have to say The Great Gatsby, The Life of Pi, and The Kite Runner.

FL: “How do you see yourself?”

T: “I see myself as the person I’d like to be but I still know I have a lot of work to do. Ultimately, I see myself as a learner trying to learn from my mistake and improve myself.

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