Drug Use Is Life Abuse

How El Modena ASB brought together students and faculty during Red Ribbon Week


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United States Soldier tying the famous ribbon symbol around a tree in support of Red Ribbon Week

  Red Ribbon Week started in 1988 when it was adopted by the California State PTA and later recognized nationally by President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. This campaign was set in place to warn students that the use of illegal drugs is a harmful and life threatening issue.

  From Monday, October 19th to Friday, October 23rd, El Modena’s ASB set up a huge campaign all in support of no drug week. El Modena encourages students to stay drug free and to do that ASB found ways to get students more involved and proactive about the situation.

  ASB President, Senior Brennen Benkey, described Red Ribbon Week as being a time where students and faculty can come together and help promote a drug free life. To help spread awareness, ASB used posters with catchy slogans, red wristbands, dress up days, and the incentive of candy to get students involved in getting El Modena one step closer to a drug free environment.

  ASB does not only promote Red Ribbon Week at El Modena but also at Santiago Charter Middle School and Jordan Elementary School. Friday, October 23rd and Monday, October 26th ASB put on a “Hands off drugs” assembly, accompanied by the Cheer Team and the Vanguard Dance Company, to help warn kids, grades K-8, the dangers of using recreational drugs.

  According to Benkey, ASB goes to these other schools for Red Ribbon Week because, “Once they get into high school and start off their freshman year, they already have a preconceived idea of what good and bad choices are. We want to be proactive and start talking to them early about what to do and what not to do so that when they do get to high school they will not make decisions that they will soon regret.” ASB used interactive games, skits, performances, and candy to get the kids excited for a drug free life.

  Back home at El Modena, ASB set up fun daily dress up days to get students more interested in the campaign as a whole. The students of El Modena were prompted with candy to dress up to a certain theme all in support of Red Ribbon Week.

  Throughout the week the themes consisted of receiving a “Drug Use Is Life Abuse” bracelet on Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Wake Up Wednesday, That 70’s Thursday, and Red-Out Friday. During the week the students of El Modena dressed in their fanny packs, bucket hats, pajamas, tie-dye, and the ever so classic Rowdy Rooter shirts to show their support for the campaign against drugs.
  Red Ribbon Week is a special week at El Modena HIgh School where the students truly came together in hopes of better and healthier future.

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