The Clockwork Oranges Kick “Bot”

ElMo Robotics displays their skills at the Battle at the Border tournament


via Steven Bell

The Clockwork Oranges poses for the camera at the Battle at the Border tournament.

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, El Modena’s robotics team, The Clockwork Oranges (Team Number: 4322) represented our school at Battle at the Border; a tournament hosted by Team 1538 – The Holy Cows and Team 2485 – The W.A.R Lords. This event was held at the Francis Parker School in San Diego.

All Clockwork Oranges competitions and meetings are monitored by Mr. Bowie and Mr. Loya. Robotics is currently training their new members to prepare for build season, which begins January 9th, 2016 until February 23rd, 2016 before regional tournament begin.

Frontline interviewed Steven Bell (12), president and leader of the Clockwork Oranges.

Frontline: How many other teams were present at the tournament?

Steven Bell: Thirty-Four teams were at the tournament, including the Clockwork Oranges.

   FT: What is the idea behind having this competition?

   SB: Off-season competitions are a great team building arena. They also help new members understand how the robot works and other functions and characteristics of competing.

   FT: How do teams at Battle at the Border compete?

   SB: The teams are randomly grouped with two other teams each math to form an alliance. The field is split into two; three robots on each side. The goal of each battle is to combine their robots functions to stake totes (boxes) and containers (trash bins). Each item you stack is a point to your team.

   FT: When did you join Robotics?

   SB: I joined Robotics during my junior year.

   FT: What are your plans for the Clockwork Oranges?

   SB: I plan to build a championship robot and win first place as well as spread STEMs throughout our community.

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