Red Ribbon Week Fashion

Style tips based on each day's theme during Red Ribbon Week


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Red Ribbon Week 2015

  As always, El Modena High School is a very big advocate for a drug free environment. With this pledge to be drug free, the school participates in Red Ribbon Week which is held at countless schools during October. This week promotes staying clean and true to yourself to help students have a chance at a bright future.

  Now, just telling a student to be drug free is not always enough. El Modena’s ASB created a week of themes to help students get excited and more involved with this cause.

  For each day of the week there is a different theme and, to help those who are stuck on figuring out an outfit, here are some fun tips on how to get involved.


  Red Ribbon Week bracelets were passed out all over campus so make sure to wear it throughout the rest of the week. The bracelet says “Drug use is life abuse” so just by wearing it you are making your pledge to be drug free.

Tourist Tuesday:

  Tuesday is a day full of tourists roaming through the El Modena halls. Dress up with some khaki shorts, a hawaiian t-shirt, and throw in a hat or sunglasses to complete the look. Some more great accessories are fanny packs, binoculars, a camera, and anything else that you would take on a vacation.

PJ’s Wednesday:

  It’s late start here at El Modena so sleep in, get some well deserved rest, and don’t worry about getting ready. Roll out of bed dressed in your most comfortable pajamas or onesie and you will be all set. Some fun accessories to spice up those PJ’s would also include comfortable slippers, a pillow, and even a blanket to complete the look.

That’s So 70’s Thursday:

  Thursday is going to be one totally rad day so come to school wearing the craziest tie-dye, bell bottom jeans, and multi-colored sunglasses. Girls can go out and get some super cute floral headbands and guys can even rock a wicked afro.

Red Out Friday:

  El Modena’s pride and joy theme is the all so classic “Red Out”. Sport the school’s bright cardinal and dress up in all the red sitting in the closet. Rowdy Rooter shirts are always a good idea but if you want to take it up just a notch throw in some red tights, a tutu, a red wig, and while you’re at it, throw on some face paint.
  Red Ribbon week is a very inspiring week that promotes the safety and well-being of each individual student. So don’t be afraid to dress up and get a little weird because it is all in support of a good cause.

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