First Date: The Musical in Review

Mark your calendar for your "first date"

   This past weekend, I went to see a musical called “First Date” at La Mirada Theater. “First Date” opened on September 18, and will close on October 11.  The musical originally premiered in Seattle in 2012, and has since been performed in Japan, Mexico City, and even on Broadway.

   The plot of “First Date” largely revolves around a couple who were set up on a blind date. The story evolves in real time, and there is no intermission for the entire hour and a half. Over the course of the musical, the leads, Aaron and Casey, get to know one another in a way unlike any other. There are four ensemble members who for the majority of the time are regular diners in the restaurant. At arbitrary moments throughout the musical, these performers adopt the persona of the best friend, ex, parents, and even the sister of Aaron or Casey.

   While this musical does have several comedic elements to it, “First Date” is definitely intended for more mature audiences. It contains some suggestive content and language that may not be appropriate for a young child. Even so, this musical was definitely entertaining and kept the audience on the edge of their seats waiting to see how Aaron and Casey’s relationship would unfold.

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