5, 6, 7, 8 Leap and Chassé Down the Stage

Take a leap inside the world of the Vanguard Dance Company


Taylor Thi

Junior Taylor Thi leaping into a new era of the Vanguard Dance Company

   The dance team here at El Modena is one of our school’s shining stars. The eighteen girls who participate in the program work hard all year round perfecting their skills and technique to ensure their inevitable greatness. Although the team is a truly admirable group on campus, they are only thought of as assembly dancers. These girls do a lot more than magnificent pirouettes on a concrete stage. Junior Taylor Thi is a member of this esteemed group and explained what this dance team is really about.


Frontline: The team recently changed their name to Vanguard Dance Company, why the change?

Taylor Thi: We changed our name to Vanguard Dance Company because we wanted to sound more professional.


FL: Is the Company a competitive team? If yes, where do you compete?

TT: Yes, we are competitive and the competitions that we go to change from year to year. This year Ms. B, our coach, is trying to choose competitions that we have never been to before.


FL: What style of dance is most performed by the Company?

TT: Hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary are our most performed pieces.


FL: What events throughout the year is the Company involved in?

TT: We participate in Treats in the Street and the Tree Lighting at the Orange Circle during Christmas time.


FL: Explain your role in the Vanguard Dance Company?

TT: My role on the team is to be positive and work hard during practices so when a performance comes I look my best. I also must look my best in order to help make the dance look which helps my entire team. If anyone of my teammates is ever struggling with choreography I also try my best to help them along to understand.


FL: How has dance changed your life?

TT: Dance has changed my life because it is a way to let me escape my comfort zone and express my feelings without anyone judging me. I have made so many close friends from joining the team and now I could not imagine my life without it.


FL: Do you hope dance will be in your future? If no, why not?

TT: No, I love dance but it is very difficult to make a career out of it. I mostly do it as a hobby and a way to really get involved in school.


  There is a lot more than meets the eye as a glimpse of the real Vanguard Dance Company has now been revealed.


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