A new voice in pop : Alessia Cara

A rising artist that is bound for greatness


Alessia Cara

El Modena Front line received a package from Alessia Cara including her new release called “Four Pink Walls”. She is a new artist coming up with astonishing passion for music. With the Daily Californian saying – “Cara has a vocal prowess that is reminiscent of a softer, younger Rihanna and the storytelling talent of Swift”. Frontline agrees that Alessia is a talented young adult. Alessia is not afraid to show her confidence in herself or in her music videos. She is expresses her feelings with putting it in her music and singing about it. Her music has a fast up tempo rhythm to it, a type of rhythm that you would not see a normal 18 year old would usually have while composing music. Cara’s biggest influences in the pop culture consist of : Drake, Ed Sheeran. Which she would want her music to influence others as well. Over time Alessia Cara songs have reached 500,000 total streams in the first couple weeks. With Cara pushing herself for more every moment she can and songs she can compose, she will never stop her ambition to reach her goals as an artist in the pop culture, and one day let her music influence others. You can hear these new songs from Alessia cara on youtube, itunes, or simply look her up on social media:

Twitter: alessiacara

instagram: alessiamusic


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