Welcoming the Pope to NYC

The pope travels to New York to deliver uplifting messages to all of his loved believers


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

A Friendly Fellow: The pope welcomes all, showing his love for people.

Pope Francis graciously arrived in New York City on Thursday afternoon, only to give the thousands of people the most spiritual mass they have ever been to. They worshiped and praised his every word, apology, and counsel.

Following with an incredible applause, many stated that the church significantly wouldn’t be the same without him. The amounts of respect distributed from the pope to all people lead those to give him a standing ovation.

He visited many cities in New York, and unexpectedly traveling to them in many unique ways. He flew to certain cities as well as casually cruising to Manhattan in a Fiat 500.

Regardless of his transportation, the people labeled his arrival as an experience in which “words cannot express.” His powerful words of worship and love revealed a deep sense of sincerity, dearly touching the hearts of many. They mark this day as an unforgettable moment in which the Holy Spirit flourished inside everyone.

Unfortunately, the time had come for the pope to make his final rounds. He parted ways, leaving those with hopeful goodbyes, and soon got back into his Fiat where he was safely returned to the Andrews Air Force Base.

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