Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals

An interview with SETA president Serena Gramm and her plans for the club this year


photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

A puppy that SETA will protect


A new club on campus is the Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals founded by senior Serena Gramm. This club aims to make life healthier and happier for all animals. “I love animals and they deserve to have equal rights,” said Gramm on why she created this club. The club will volunteer their time at local animal shelters to help animals until they find a home. They will also make blankets for shelters and even fundraise in order to donate to shelters.

“Our club contains people who love animals, but anyone can join, the goal is to make a difference in an animal’s life and meet some caring people along the way,” says Gramm. If you are looking to be a veterinarian or work with animals when you are older this club is a step in the right direction.

This club meets in Ms. Kung’s room every other week at lunch so joining this club will not take up all of one’s time. If you did not sign up during club rush and would still like to join talk with Ms. Kung in room 524 at lunch and she will gladly put you in the club. With hard work and dedication by Gramm, this club will strive, to make animal’s lives much better.

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