September 11, 2001

A commemoration to what happened on September 11, 2001.


Fourteen years ago America suffered a great lose. Fourteen years ago, the U.S. lost 2,996 citizens, mothers, fathers, uncle, aunts, brothers, and sisters. Fourteen years ago the country gave way to 2,977 physically harmed victims, and countless emotionally. Fourteen years ago from this very day, America encountered a wound that will never fully mend.
September 11, 2001 the twin tower trade centers were struck in an act of terrorism. This act was not in motive to affect a tangible object. The act was to affect the hearts and minds of the citizens left to mourn and worry. The success of this thrived to a great extent— extent. Our nation, yes, was gravely under a strong poison, but eventually became stronger. Our nation in the past fourteen years has come to create stronger protections, more awareness, but never weakened hearts.
In a physical representation to monumentalize the spot, so many had fallen on this day, a 9/11 memorial Museum was founded in 2006. May 21, 2014, was the final day the memorial was opened to the public. The sight, (before) referred to as “ground zero,” has already attracted 3.6 million people and counting. The memorial was built in honor of victims’ families and Americans forever grieving and recognizing a sad day in American history.
Although September 11th will never be forgotten in American history, hopefully rather than dwelling on the horrific past, Americans can look to the future to prevent this from ever happening again. The nation continues to strengthen and become more as a unit from this day and forever more. 9/11, although tragic and sad reminds us every day to cherish our lives and to nationally come together to carry-on as a whole.

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