Introducing PAL! What’s That?

An explanation into the Peer Assistance Leadership course that most students are unaware of


Jordan Cowdell

Be a PAL: Introducing the new advisor Mr. Garrett

Out of the tons of activities, clubs, and classes created on our campus, most don’t always get the chance to hear all of the different options, possibly missing out on some wonderful opportunities. One of these includes PAL. When people hear around campus that someone’s first period is a Peer Assistance Leadership course, most question what the class focuses on.

PAL is an uplifting course that attributes to our community through fundraisers and different service projects, also serving as a potential extension to our school’s counseling services. It stands as a wonderful opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to fellow students in need as well as improving student’s chances at engaging in more local community service.

This year, the class is held in room 404 and run by Mr. Nathan Garrett, who shares the same excitement for this course as his students. He teaches about building a trustworthy character in order to be a responsible, positive influence on this campus. Garrett provides a fundamental environment for his students to gain ownership in playing an integral role in their community.

From previous years, PAL is well-known for their involvement in the Pennies for Pasta fundraiser in which cans are sent out to classrooms to collect any change which ultimately benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This being Garrett’s first year as the PAL instructor, he has planned different opportunities for his students and will create even more as the year goes on.

Given this information, you now have the option to join this course, as it could be one of the greater opportunities for you to become an influential impact and asset to your school and community. The amount of friendships and experiences you will create could be endless and you’ll never know unless you join. Try checking it out by asking your counselor if it’s not too late to join!

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