Let’s Go El Mo Competition Cheer

An inside look into El Modena’s first competition team members, practices, and goals.


via Hayley Curtis

The girls and boy are working hard on new stunt progressions!

  For the first time ever, El Modena will have a competition cheer team. Both cheer coaches, Hayley Curtis and Melissa Bickler were part of their own competition cheer teams during high school, which is part of the reason for their desire to create this team. Haley Curtis believes “It’s time El Modena cheer moves into the competitive cheer world like other schools in our area have done.” It is true, we’re one of the last high schools in our district to form a competition cheer team.

  The average practice session consists of warm up exercises, tumbling, conditioning, stunting, and perfecting their routine for the upcoming season. According to the girls interviewed, all that sweat and hard work is really paying off. Cheer coach Melissa Bickler says, “It’s really rewarding to see everything coming together and all the kids starting to get into the routine and gearing up for comp season.”  Even though the first competition isn’t until December, the team has already finished learning their choreography.

  With their season coming up so soon, the girls and boy have mixed emotions towards competing. “I’m nervous but excited. I feel that all of our long nights practicing are going to pay off,” Sarah Ricker says. Her pre-competition jitters are to be expected though, as this is the first time the team will be judged and given scores for their performance. Hayley Curtis and Melissa Bickler agreed that since this is the first year, they just want the team to have fun with competing.

  As a whole, the team has set their sights on competing at USA Nationals, the biggest cheer competition on the West Coast. Along with that goal, several girls have set their own goals for the team, such as improved tumbling and stunting. Vivian Huennekens decided, “I want to hit a perfect routine for our first competition.” With practice and time, the team should be able to achieve all of the goals they have set. El Modena wishes our new competition cheer team lots of luck with their upcoming season.

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