Look on the Green Side

How one club aspires to change El Modena, one green thought at a time


photo via Pexels under the Creative Commons License

The Environmental Club aims to make the planet a better place.

“We need to take care of our earth and our community.  If we don’t, we make our own future a less desirable place to live.  We have to start somewhere, and our campus is the best place.”

At least, senior Amy Fernandez believes so.  After taking AP Environmental Science with Ms. Kung, Fernandez was inspired to create the Environmental Club at El Modena.

The club aims to both increase environmental awareness among students and make our campus and community more environmentally friendly.  Members participate in activities such as beach cleanups and volunteering at local farms.  The club also helped senior Matt van Ligten beautify El Modena’s nature center by planting native California plants.

Fernandez has long-term goals as well.  “Dr. Saxton, Ms. Kung and I want El Mo to be named a Green School,” she says.  In order to become a Green School, El Modena must modify its campus and curriculum in order to create a more eco-friendly environment.  Although this goal is still a few years away, it will help preserve local wildlife and keep our environment clean.

Thanks to the efforts of the Environmental Club, students have the opportunity to make our planet a better place to live.  Vanguards will have a sustainable impact on the local community for years to come.

For more updates on the Environmental Club, follow them on Instagram @emhs_enviro

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