No Time for Sleep

The daily life of Anela Rhodeman


Lauren Kliewer

The Busy Life: Rhodeman smiles before heading back to yearbook designing.

As a junior Anela Rhodeman juggles three AP courses, NHS secretary, yearbook designer, and being a Polynesian dancer all at the same time. Rhodeman gives insight on what her jobs and positions entail as being a leader.

As NHS secretary, she stayed involved with helping society and volunteering at community service events. She excelled in her position which led her to apply for president for her senior year. With luck and her extremely bubbly personality, Rhodeman got her presidency.

She noticed not enough people were involved her junior year so she sets out to get the word out about meetings and events concerning NHS. She emphasizes on the importance of taking initiative to fundraise more.

Not only does Rhodeman take initiative in NHS, but in yearbook also. She strives to make the pages look the best they possibly can. As a designer, it is her responsibility to take all the content and pictures to lay it out. She comments that designing is the “mold that brings it all together”.

After her hardwork, Rhodeman applied for the editor-in-chief position and was amazingly shocked to get it. She didn’t believe a one-year designer would get the honor. She already has planned to involve at least seventy percent of the student body in the yearbook, hopefully raising twenty more percent than 2015’s yearbook.

Outside of Anela’s school life, she finds serenity, comfort, and a great work out in her dancing. Rhodeman has danced since she was five years old, and has been with the Lokelani’s Rhythm of the Islands (found in Huntington Beach) group since she was eleven.

Rhodeman describes the summer trip that her Polynesian dance group is taking to Bora Bora and Tahiti to compete. There will be all different divisions of dance from Hawaiian to Samoan with more than 5,000 people from all over the world. Rhodeman’s dance life entails about three hour long practices about three times a week but long weekend practices can last about eight hours.

She does not slow down, but only keeps adding more to her list. Rhodeman loves to be involved in her community, and take control as leader to help people when needed.

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