Calling all nerds, May the Fourth Be With You!


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Star Wars Day

Each year, on May 4th, Star Wars fans everywhere rejoice and celebrate one of the best movie franchises ever. If you haven’t gotten the pun yet, just keep repeating the date and adding on “be with you.”

This new holiday first appeared in 1979 when Alan Arnold, author, was creating “The Empire Strikes Back.” When people heard about this and it started to spread, huge Star Wars fans took this as an opportunity to celebrate the saga and make a brand new tradition.

Mat has always been an important month for Star Wars. All six live action films were released in the month of May, George Lucas’s birthday is May 14th, 1944, and May has also been the traditional start date of the popular Star Wars weekends at Walt Disney World Resort.

Fans also get great deals on Star Wars items on this day. The Star Wars franchise has teamed up with places like Kohl’s, Hallmark, SMSAUDIO, GameStop, Amazon, Fathead, and more! All of these places have great deals on anything Star Wars related!

For anymore information on Star Wars day, or just Star Wars in general, make sure to take a look at their official site listed below!

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