The Ominous Anonymous

How the new frontier of social media is a problem


photo via Pexel under the Creative Commons License

Anonymous options on social media detach the face from the person

Cyberbullying on Social media is no new news. It has been a dominant issue on social media platforms for an extensive period of time, leaving a necessary call for precaution when entering each and every site. Recently, however, a new boundary is being pushed in the ever-so-changing online world.

Anonymity. That puzzling thing that both terrifies and entices everyone. If you joined the social media platform Tumblr, you know that the ability to message other bloggers anonymously can be extremely freeing and, for the most part, helpful. Have an embarrassing question to ask? Go on anon! Want to compliment someone but not have it be weird? Go on anon!

But as with anything, there is a downfall. The allowance of anonymous messaging has consequently perpetuated cyberbullying into an entirely new level. Where you have the option to use it for good, many choose to use it for bad.

This issue of anonymity doesn’t stop at Tumblr. In fact, there are apps that are specifically made for anonymous interaction., Whisper, Secret, Yik Yak, are just some of growing amount of anonymous apps, each which have become notorious for abusive and offensive content.

The thing is, we cannot be shocked. For where there is a supply, there is a demand. The more we use the anonymous world, the more it will be given to us. The important part is what we intend to do with it, so if anonymity is where we’re headed, let our intentions be good.

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