Baltimore Riots stun America

After the funeral of Freddie Gray, people take the streets

The people of Baltimore fight back

photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

The people of Baltimore fight back

Today, April 27th, the people of Baltimore Maryland took the streets looting, breaking and setting fire to stores and cars.

One police officer was reported saying “I think they thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at police,” which later led  to over 6 police officers being seriously injured during this riot.

The cause of these riots is due to the mistreatment of Freddie Gray. Freddie was apprehended by police and then taken on a “joyride” by the police with no seat belt on which later led to an injury to his spine and death.

Although the parents of Freddie would want nothing but justice  for their son, Mrs. Gray said “I want y’all to get justice for my son, but don’t do it like this here,” his mother told journalists. Freddie’s twin sister also said “I don’t think that’s for Freddie,” she said. “I think the violence is wrong.”

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard. The mayor of Baltimore said every possible resource was being deployed to “gain control of this situation.”

The Gov of Maryland has placed a mandatory curfew starting tomorrow. They hope that this conflict can be fixed with the help of the police force and national guard.

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