Coffee Night goes Under the Sea

The last coffee night of the year showcased the talent and creativity of El Mo's students


Christina Davenport

The last coffee night dove under the sea for a night of talent

Despite the sudden lockdown on April 17th due to an incident near La Purisima, students participating in the most recent, and last, coffee night of the year were surprisingly able to compose themselves in order to perform. Although it had a shaky beginning, (students were under lockdown for over an hour) the young El Mo performers redeemed the night.

The “Under the Sea” themed night had its fair share of Disney with Damien Anderson (Grade 11) and Lily Edwards (Grade 11, student at Canyon High School) who sang the duet “I See the Light” from “Tangled”. Brooklyn Peters (grade 10), who performed a stunning solo of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables”, brought some broadway into the mix.

El Mo Bands such as Squidfight and The Droids definitely stole the stage with their unique styles. The Droids, featuring students Michael Hill (grade 11), Paul Michaelis (grade 12), Evan Beach (grade 12) and Chase Pike (grade 12) performed an original song entitled “Synthesis”. Among other original songs was “Nostalgia” lyrics written by Sarah Davenport (grade 11) and music composed by Christina Davenport (grade 11).

The Droids performing their original song "Synthesis"
Megan Cox
The Droids performing their original song “Synthesis”

The night also had an element of humor (and cross-dressing) when a few guys burst out from backstage lip-synching “Let it Go”, fully dressed in their best Elsa regalia to top off their dance number. Student Chase Pike (grade 12) also brought humor into the night with his act as “Fish Boy”, coming on stage clad in scale-patterned tights.

Complete with tons of acts including poetry reading, dance numbers, vocal and instrumental performances, this coffee night showcased the talent and passions of El Mo’s talented students. Although not all of the acts were specifically listed here, coffee night would not be possible without the efforts, hard work, and talent of everyone involved.

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