Being an Observer

Senior Henrik Albihn shares his passion for film as he strives to make it in the industry


photo via Alyson Ball

Senior Henrik Albihn wrote and directed "Insomnia"

“I like shooting vignettes. I go to a public place like the beach or a forest with no particular story line in mind. I like to tell a story by being an observer,” says senior Henrik Albihn about his art.

As the director of photography for EMTV, Albihn shoots and directs portions of the episodes. His passion for film started long ago, yet he as achieved so much in his young film life. He was the director of photography of a public service announcement that won best PSA and was nominated for best cinematography at the OC Film Festival.

Albihn credits his success and drive to his idol David Fincher. He aims to imitate the famous film director, who is responsible for movies such as Fight Club, Gone Girl, and many more groundbreaking movies. “David Fincher is so skilled at his craft. Nothing he does is by accident,” says Albihn about the innovative filmmaker.

Ten years from now, Albihn sees himself as a director of photography in the industry or possibly owning a videography company that specializes in travel documentaries. He is currently shooting a short film that will be shot surreptitiously at Disneyland and plans to enter OCC’s film program in order to transfer into Chapman University’s Dodge College film program.

His advice to aspiring filmmakers is, “Emulate your favorite director and watch as many movies as you can. Don’t let your equipment restrict you. It’s more about telling a story than how good the film looks (however that is important).”

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