Benefits of Being an Herbivore

Here's the extra push you need to cut meat out of your diet.


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Delicious looking vegetables

Have you been thinking about keeping meat (and dairy) off your plate, but have had trouble making the switch? Here’s 5 health reasons to help give you motivation.

1. Lower Body Weight

It has been proven through many studies that vegetarians and vegans have lower body weights than meat eaters. When one doesn’t eat meat they tend to eat much healthier and have a more balanced diet.

2. Better Cholesterol Levels

Vegetarian food is generally lower in fat, especially saturated fats, and much higher in fiber, than animal based foods. One study shows that a vegetarian diet made up of specific plant foods can lower cholesterol as effectively as a drug treatment.

3. Longer Life

Statistics show that herbivores have a higher life expectancy than omnivores.

4. Lower Chance of Cancer

It has been proven that vegetarians have a significantly lower overall risk of developing cancer, compared to meat eaters.

5. Lower Risk of Disease

Several studies have shown that vegetarians have a much lower risk of becoming obese, developing diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.


In addition to being beneficial for your body, becoming an herbivore is very good for the environment. In fact, becoming a vegan for a year is more beneficial for the environment than driving a hybrid car for a year. Plus, it is the morally correct option in today’s supermarket-on-every-corner-world, where food is easily accessible.

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