Dreading the Drought? Help Out!

Help be a part of securing the future of California's water supply


If you live in California, or even if you don’t, you know there is no more pressing issue here than that of one of our most severe droughts ever. This winter in specific has been California’s driest winter in recorded history, and according to recent reports, California’s reservoirs are down to merely one year left of water. These dramatic facts have left California residents with the dooming question: what now?

Ironically, we’ve had the answer all along – ourselves. Although we have talk of purifying ocean water and digging nearly 10,000 year old water out of the ground, those options are limited. Future weather will tell our direction, but we can no longer ignore the importance of the part we play in this issue.

So where do we start? It’s simple. Take all the steps you can to prevent the waste of water. If you have difficulty knowing what you can do, here are some steps to get you started:

1. Cut down on shower time: First of all, this by no means implies the cutting down of hygienic upkeep (because god knows that’s not what we want), but rather cutting down on the time it takes to keep it up. A ten minute shower uses around 50 gallons, cutting it down to only five minutes would conserve 25 gallons every shower.

2. Conserve water while washing dishes: If you use a dish washer to wash your dishes, refrain from rinsing your dishes, and leave the cleaning to the washer. If you wash them by hand, avoid running the water in between washing dishes.

3. Eat less beef: Somewhere between 441 and 1,847 (according to varying sources) gallons of water are used to produce merely one pound of meat, a substantial amount either way, and with the average American eating around 105lbs of beef per year, that’s a lot of water being used. Restrict eating meat to only a couple times a week.

4. Realize the unimportance of your lawn: Nearly 96 gallons of water is wasted on every lawn every day when it’s watered. Wether it be some unannounced suburban law that determines a resident’s status on the status of their lawn, or our tendency to adore private property, lawns really don’t make much sense. Especially when there’s one year’s supply of water in your reservoirs. If you absolutely refuse to rid yourself of your lawn, find efficient ways to cut down on watering it, such as watering it for less time or upgrading to a more efficient sprinkler system. However, if you’re wanting to do all you can to conserve water, look for an alternative to your lawn, such as a rock garden or a succulent garden (both of which are more aesthetically pleasing options, anyway).

All of these steps are important steps in the direction of making our future more secure for both ourselves, and future generations to come. Be a part in making out future the best you can!

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