A Magical New Take

Disney's latest retelling of Cinderella has left critics and viewers alike enchanted



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Lily James as Cinderella, depicted galloping on a beautiful horse through fields of lavender

The most recent Disney “Cinderella” movie, starring Lily James was officially released in theaters March 13th. This visually stunning take on a timeless tale has left critics and viewers alike enchanted.

Overall, the casting of the movie was superb. Helena Bonham Carter portrayed an unladylike, but somehow refined fairy-Godmother, adding a hint of quirkiness to an archetypal character. Cate Blanchett’s performance gave the stepmother a sultry, spiteful personality, while also giving viewers a clearer understanding of the roots of her cruelty. Lily James gave a lovely performance as Cinderella, and managed to transform a seemingly passive character into a brave heroine.

The movie was also visually stunning, with gorgeous costumes and magical transformations that mesmerize any viewer.  The computer-generated effects, although very frequent, were professional and dazzling throughout the entire movie (they did not give the film a cheap, fake feel as some computer generated effects do).

A charming, yet powerful mantra repeated throughout the entire film, “have courage and be kind”, gives the movie has a higher purpose and positive message for children. “Cinderella” encourages compassion in any situation, forgiveness, love, and triumph. The movie definitely exceeds expectations, and tells the classic story in a more modern way despite the old-world setting.

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