A Revolutionary Test: APUSH Controversy

Is the new APUSH course unpatriotic?


Christina Davenport

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Ever since the initial course revision in 2014, controversy has swept the nation regarding the new APUSH course. Some believe the new curriculum belittles American achievement and highlights the flaws, others, believe it exposes the truth.

Conservatives critique the new course, believing that it provides an unpatriotic view of America’s founding; Andrea Tantaros on Fox news even claimed that students would feel inclined to join ISIS after taking the course. The state of Oklahoma has gone as far as to bane the APUSH test within state borders.

Liberals, on the other hand, applaud the revision as it highlights the plight of immigrants, Native Americans, African Americans, women, etc.

Despite the multiple criticisms and the praise, the new APUSH course definitely encourages critical thinking and the development of opinions. Although many conservatives have the mindset that teachers are now being forced to spoon-feed students liberal garbage, the course is quite the opposite.

Students are simply presented with the facts, the history plain and simple, no patriotic fluff. People are confusing highlighting the wrongdoings of the United States with merely exposing them.

For the first time, students have the chance to examine the evidence and see both the downfalls and successes of America in equal light. All countries have flaws, even the “land of the free” so to speak, and students should be able to study these flaws and truly learn from the past.

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