Kaylin’s World As Key Club President

Take a look inside the life of a busy girl with an inspiration to serve her community


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kaylin always keeping a bright smile on her face.

Junior, Kaylin Ikeda, is a hard working student and athlete who manages to take on the responsibility of being the president of the Key Club. She works with Linda Nguyen (12), Monti Rahman (9), Stephanie Tamayosa (10), and Tiffany Cao (12) in finding different opportunities to volunteer. They meet once a month in Mrs. Merlihan’s room to plan and discuss the club’s main business.

Kaylin tells how it is her duty to ensure that members are having an enjoyable experience volunteering. She goes on to explain how this club has really broken her out of her shell and has been taught many leadership skills necessary for her future. She admires how much this club has taught her to take control in managing events and finding someone to chaperon.

One of Kaylin’s favorite projects was called “The Eliminate Project” which helped raise money to eliminate neonatal and maternal tetanus in third world countries. She loves knowing that the money they raise benefits people’s access to medical care nationally. It leaves her with a happy feeling knowing that she and many others take part in serving our community.

After filling out an application for next year, Kaylin soon discovered  that she will be returning as president of the Key Club. She is ecstatic and can’t wait to see the club’s wonderful spirit next year and for the new friendships yet to come. Even if she sometimes misses out on lunches and other activities, she believes that nothing is better than serving your community with your friends by your side.

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