A Month with More Meaning

There’s more to March than leprechauns and bunnies.

To some, March may seem like a bland month that is special for nothing except Saint Patrick’s Day, and occasionally Easter. Little do they know, almost every day in the month of March has a special significance. From National Pig Day and Dentist’s Day to Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Bunsen Burner Day, March is full of surprises.

Despite being full of random holidays, March is also the home-month of International Earth Day, which occurs on the March equinox. The March equinox marks the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator. This year the March equinox falls on March 20.

Different from the U.S. Earth Day, which occurs on April 22, International Earth Day, also called Sun-Earth Day, was initiated to make people around the world aware of their responsibility to foster the earth. Founded by John McConnell in 1969, International Earth Day continues to bring awareness to the delicacy of our planet.

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