Top 5 ways to stay healthy with a busy schedule

Ways to keep your health in check despite the stress of daily life

Amidst all the stress of daily life and taking care of priorities, people often forget to keep themselves healthy. Here are some tips that won’t drain too much time, but will keep your health/fitness in check.

1) Drink green tea instead of coffee in the morning

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Green tea has been known to decrease signs of aging, boost energy levels, and also still has the caffeine to get you up in the morning. It is filled with healthy antioxidants as well which will help boost the immune system.

2) Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Eat in small portions and keep it healthy. under creative commons license

Eating small amounts of nutritious food will boost metabolic levels, in other words, help you burn more calories. It will also provide the essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. Remember, stay away from overly processed, salty or sugary foods.

3) Stay hydrated! under creative commons license

Bring a bottle of water to school or work and drink as much as you can. Staying hydrated will improve your skin, your energy level, and your general health.

4) Commit yourself to a physical activity each day under creative commons license

Whether you do yoga for an hour, take bike ride, or jump rope for a few minutes, make sure you are not sitting all day. As much as studying is important, taking care of the body is too, which includes exercising. Any amount makes a difference and for those you can’t leave the house, find a work out on youtube and get your blood flowing.

5) Get as much sleep as possible


Even if it means turning off your phone before 11:00pm or waiting to watch the next episode of “Friends”, make sure to get as much sleep as possible. Three hours is better than one and sleep deprivation can lead to depression, a foggy mind, etc.

Remember above all else to take care of your body and your mind even in times of stress. Don’t let your schedule control your health.



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