The Wondrous Production of Peter Pan

This performance left its audience thinking wonderful thoughts in their childish minds once again


Photo Courtesy of an Iphone

program and ticket.

From pixie dust to trust, the ever famous play “Peter Pan”, performed by Yorba Linda’s Spotlight, had outstanding actors that flew into our hearts and gave the nostalgic feeling of our everlasting childhood. Held at Fullerton College Campus Theater, all seats were filled as the greeters informed us it’s been like this at almost every show.

Telling the classic story that we all know, the curtain opened to reveal a wonderful scene of the children’s bedroom, in which Wendy and her brothers played the cutest role from the sweet innocent ones we know. Peter Pan soon making his appearance, believe it or not, was played by a teenage girl at age 17, in which she portrayed Peter so well that most people in the audience hardly could tell the difference.

This jolly and humorous play was impossible not to enjoy and laugh at constantly as the silly kids, clueless pirates, and jealous little Tinker Bell kept the crowd highly entertained. The audience was greeted by some Indians who gained their trust with all the Lost Boys and learned to crow like Peter.

Overall, the heartwarming and smile forming show made you leave happy and hopeful, leaving you to believe in make believe again.

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