The History of a SoCal Revolution

Get to know the success of In-N-Out in their past 67 years.


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.

A modern In-N-Out with a large dining room and a "fishbowl" kitchen.

On October 22, 1948, a Southern Californian revolution began in Baldwin Park, CA. Harry and Esther Snyder opened not only California’s first ever drive-thru, but they opened the first In-N-Out. They sold a whopping 57 hamburgers and although that sounds miniscule, the rest is history.

By 1954, In-N-Outs famous logo was introduced. The famous In-N-Out is more than just a giant landmark, it point to “pride” and it stands for “working under the same arrow.”

A famous year in In-N-Out would most definitely be 1961. This was the year that the secret (yet not so secret) Animal style burgers were prepared. A short two years later, their double-double was also added to their main menu.

In 1972, the crossed palm trees found in front of most stores were introduced because of Harry Snyder’s favorite movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” In 1974, associates then wore the modern red aprons as opposed to a white apron which blended in with their uniform.

1975 was another major year for In-N-Out and its guests. This was the year that their delicious milkshakes made debut. Also, the first annual t-shirt design and t-shirt was produced for guests and associates to proudly wear.

Up until 1979, all In-N-Outs were drive-thru, but store #21 in Ontario began the era of dining rooms. 13 more restaurants were made after the opening of #21 and all were drive-thrus, but after that, the dining room era took control. In-N-Out also celebrated the opening of their 50th store nine years later.

Although In-N-Out wanted to stay local to SoCal, they opened their first out-of-state restaurant in Las Vegas, NV, in 1992. In 1994, they successfully opened their 100th restaurant more than 50 years after Harry and Esther opened store #1. In 2000, In-N-Out expanded to Arizona by opening store #143 in Lake Havasu City.

2005 marked the year that In-N-Out was able to open their 200th store. In 2008, In-N-Out headed eastward into Utah and then Texas in 2011.

In-N-Out was able to make another major appearance in history in 2010. That was the year that Lynsi Snyder became the youngest women to lead a major company like In-N-Out. She is the granddaughter of Harry and Esther. She exemplifies the true meaning of family and tradition that is found throughout all In-N-Outs.

On January 7th, 2015, In-N-Out opened store #300 on State College Blvd. and Ball Rd. in Anaheim, CA. In 67 years, In-N-Out has gained a very high reputation being known as a great place with amazing customer service, always fresh quality, and a clean and enjoyable restaurant. Their history has been proven remarkable and is only headed to greatness within their future.

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