Boko Haram Strike Nigeria in ‘Deadliest Massacre’ Yet

Thousands of people are dying in Nigeria and hardly any mainstream media is covering it


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License

These outrageous acts of violence have called the attention of many but there has been no cease to the injustices

Countless bodies have begun to pile up in Nigeria due to mass killings by terrorist group Boko Haram. So many have been killed that the local defense group has given up on counting. This violence is so large and impactful yet it is often referred to as Nigeria’s forgotten massacre. Why?

For years the militant group has been terrorizing countries in Africa like Nigeria. Over the weekend as the new year turned, they seized control of the town of Baga in north-east Nigeria. Since then they have been killing mercilessly and indiscriminately.

The Sunni jihadist group drove out stationed soldiers when they took over a military base. Hundreds are doing what they can to escape the aggressive and violent group and fleeing to Chad who has asked for national support for the refugees.

President Goodluck Jonathan has received high criticism for failing to get rid of the terrorists. Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa and these intruders have taken a large toll on every aspect of the country.

Women and children have been and continue to be kidnapped. Suicide bombers have been placed in cities. While there is much support from people like the trending #BringBackOurGirls, there is not much else being done to put an end to this massacre.

The radical group has continued to rapidly grow in strength and numbers. At this point no lasting solutions have surfaced. Hope for the future is small and unsure.

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