College Blunders

College's mistakes have students everywhere panicking

College Blunders

Now and then we all receive that text message or e-mail that has us confused only to find out minutes later that it was not meant for our eyes to see. It is understandable when it happens amongst friends, but imagine how it must feel when an incident like this happens between a college and their prospective students.

In the later months of 2014 John Hopkins university sent out an acceptance e-mail to early application students. Only those students were not actually admitted into the college. In fact, they were actually the batch of early applicants who had been rejected from the college. The school stated that a third party user of their website was the reason for this mishap. The school notified these students as soon as they found out about the incident.

Then within the second week of 2015, San Francisco State sent out an e-mail to their students that the deadline for SAT scores had been moved to an earlier date. That date being October 15, 2014. Being among the group of students who received this e-mail I can say i felt both panic stricken and utterly confused. I knew it was set for the 23rd of January, but this new deadline had me worried that I read the wrong deadline. The next day the school clarified that they had sent out the wrong deadline and provided the correct one for their students.

  Whether these blunders are considered irresponsible or not, I am not sure. But at the end of the day when all of the panic and stress has worn off they are kind of funny.

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