Sony’s and Microsoft’s Christmas Presents

Sony and Microsoft were targets of DDoS attacks by a hacker group

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On Christmas Eve, a hacker group known as “Lizard Squad” launched a DDoS attack on Sony and Xbox’s servers, crashing them indefinitely. The motives of this attack are partially clear, due to the fact that this attack might be tied with Sony’s release of “The Interview”, which caused controversy and inspired a cyber attack on Sony last month.

A DDoS attack is when a group of people flood a server or website with false traffic, causing regular viewers/customers to have zero access to the server/website. Eventually, whatever is being overloaded will crash, and will (most of the time) take a while to repair. This incarnation of a cyber attack is very common, especially amongst the hackivist group Anonymous.

The perpetrators, “Lizard Squad,” have been approached by the creator of “Mega,” a major file-sharing website, to halt the attacks on Sony and Xbox’s servers. He offered 3,000 premium accounts to the group, and they accepted. The DDos attacks stopped for a while, but recommenced a few hours later.

The attacks haven’t concluded, but the gaming community hopes they will soon. For now, the PC Elitists reign above the console “scum” an continue to brag about how PC gaming is “superior.” The playing field will be levelled soon, once the attacks cease.

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