He is the Gift

Getting distracted by gifts, we forget the true reason that started it all


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He is the reason of this reason.

As we all know, the Christmas season brings plenty of good cheer as many gifts are bought and given, gingerbread houses decorated and eaten, and plenty of children making long lists for Santa. The holiday deals increasing, making it impossible to ignore. The people rushing, trying to get the perfect gift. The bright colorful wrapping paper and bows ready for boxes. With the rush of the season we can often forget what Christmas is really about.

Every holiday has its reason and background as to why we celebrate. Christmas is pretty self explanatory as the word Christ is in the name. Every year we get caught up in obsessing over gifts and dreaming of the glorious presents we’ll open on Christmas Day forgetting the most greatest gift of all and the reason for this season.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recently released a video on YouTube on November 25, 2014 titled “He is the Gift”. The video shows of the typical hustle and bustle of the season, with the panicked and stressed individuals, waiting in long lines to getting the most gifts for the best deals. Slowly, the video transitions into a calm setting where it then explains how the first gift was not wrapped, purchased online or in a store, but that the first gift was one of love, life, peace, and hope.

He is the gift. He is Christmas. Whether or not one is a religious person, they should still admire His loving attributes he shared with everyone, and aspire to be like Him especially this Christmas season. This gentle person was born to teach us a wonderful lesson giving, not necessarily in the form of gifts, but in the form of peace and comfort to all. And that is the most important thing to take out of this season.

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