“The Interview” Falls Through

After threats on America, Sony decides to scrap the highly anticipated movie, "The Interview".

Loretta Cardenas

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April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015

  After receiving threats traced from North Korea, Sony decides to pull the plug on what was supposed to be their Christmas Blockbuster, “The Interview”.

  Within the last month, Sony has received various threats from what was considered anonymous sources. The company was even hacked into and had information stolen and leaked to the public. Many speculations were made about who the hacking was done by; some made the assumption it was IT Technicians the company had recently fired, but Homeland Security was finally able to trace the source of the hacking to a group in North Korea that goes by “Guardians of Peace”. The fact that the hacking was done from a foreign country alarmed the FBI and prompted immediate security on movie theaters that were scheduled premiere the movie.

 Although Sony is losing money due to having to cancel the films, they really had no choice. Many major Movie Theater chains decided it would be in their best interest to not screen the movie, as it would put their staff and their company in harm’s way. Not only did theaters pull out of their deals, but a company who had partnered with Sony pulled out as well. Many of their business partners felt it was too much of a risk to actually go through with releasing the movie. In a situation that is easy to get angry over, Sony has remained calm and understanding of their partner’s decisions.

  Although “The Interview”, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, will no longer be screening on Christmas day, other movies definitely worth checking out will be!

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