The Evolution of Music

Catchy pop songs and collaborations defined music in 2014

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2010 was the year auto tune took the music industry by storm. 2011 can simply be stated as Adele’s year. By the year 2012 people were entranced by the melancholy and emotional music known as indie. 2013 marked the rebirth of rap.

2014 was dominated by an overwhelming amount of pop music. This year was marked by numerous music collaborations, which mainly include pop music merged with rap.  The radio heard non-stop collaborations by pop artists singing meaningless yet memorable verses, pre-hooks, and choruses, while the bridges were sung by rappers.

In a nutshell, this year was conquered by catchy, cookie-cutter hooks (examples: “All About That Bass,” “Bang Bang,” “Turn Down For What,” “Fireball,” “Chandelier,” and etc.) and it was clear that the industry was producing music that would sell rather than music that would create longevity.

Some rather inspiring music did perspire in the midst of the pop phenomenon, such as Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories,” Ed Sheeran’s “X,” Sam Smith’s “The Lonely Hour,” and Logic’s “Under Pressure.”

One album that set a tone for what’s to come in 2015 is without a doubt Taylor Swift’s “1989.” The album definitely set the standard for what music will sound like in 2015. Swift managed to produce a pop album that did not confine itself in 2014 pop music; she made released an album that sounds like what will be playing next year.

The secret to staying on top in the music world is not to produce music that sounds like everything that is out now. By the time musicians release their music, the fad would have ceased to exist (old news) and listeners would have already moved on.

If you’re producing for now, you’re already a year behind. To be successful, a musician must release innovative music for the future: a year ahead. Think to yourself, “What will music sound like this time around next year?” and then create that.

Music is evolutionary, just like humans. It is fast changing and the glorious thing about it all is that you never know what to expect next. 2014 was defined by catchy pop hits, but 2015 could transcend into a whole different musical era.

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